Accelerate your Executive & Senior Leadership Team with Confidence

Welcome to our premier team coaching programme. It has been exclusively designed for Executive and Senior teams. What makes it so unique is that it is co-created using your unique insights and data, not only sourced from the immediate team but the broader stakeholders within your organisation’s ecosystem.

Insights led at every stage. Bespoke comprehensive design. Impact guaranteed.

We believe…

The symbiotic connection between organisation and leadership cannot be underestimated. We all exist within systems, and how we think, feel and behave impacts not just ourselves or our team but the broader system or systems within which we operate. The importance of interconnectedness is fundamental to the growth and sustainable change that leading global organisations are looking to achieve. We know that until everything and everyone finds their place within the system, team performance can plateau and stagnate.

This belief, combined with the highly skilled and Level 7 credentialled Executive Team Coaches at MRA, and our Accelerating Principles philosophy, is why we are confident that our partnership together will deliver exceptional results for you, every time. You can expect a combination of very high challenge and an experience of being championed for the long term. A genuine partnership from the beginning.

Your team journey

Your team journey is clearly defined from the very start of our relationship together, and is delivered in four unique phases to ensure we are insight-led at every stage:

Phase 1: Individual, team and organisation insights-led interviews
Phase 2: Individual and collective team ‘leadership’ psychometric profiling
Phase 3: Live action observation and system wide feedback
Phase 4: ‘Accelerating Principles’ team coaching

Your Team Journey

Phases in detail

Phase 1: Individual, team and organisation insights-led interviews

The MRA 6 Accelerating Principles, along with your organisation’s Strategy and Leadership Behaviours form the basis of the diagnostic in-depth 1:1 interviews. We start with a 1:1 interview with the leader of the team, this is then followed by 1:1 interviews with every member of the Team and further 1:1 interviews with other senior stakeholders within the organisation to provide system wide insights, to enable the team to see themselves as others see them. Enhancing the external self-awareness of the team is critical to maximising its conscious choices and intended impact.

The culmination of these interviews is a bespoke team insights paper highlighting strategic team challenges and opportunities, all delivered back with 100% transparency – we treat everyone with equality and a belief in their capability to ‘hear’ everything that needs to be said.

The MRA Accelerating Principles used to guide the dialogue during this first phase are:


Adult to Adult
At the top


Phase 2: Individual and collective team ‘leadership’ psychometric profiling

A high performing team is only ever based on the foundation of high self-awareness; as individuals and as a collective. Working with the Hogan-Lead suite of psychometric profiling reports (HPI, MVPI, HDS), everyone in the team will undertake a full profiling experience. Individual reports will then be collated to create a team report giving deep insight into the accumulation of personalities and their impact on one another, and the leadership of the organisation. This intensive experience using a world-leading psychometric framework brings clarity and a clear plan of action to life.

Phase 3: Live action observation and system-wide feedback

Following on from the Insights-led interviews and the ‘Leadership’ Psychometric Profiling, teams are then observed live in action as they operate in their standard every-day leadership practices. ‘Noticing’, ‘playing back’, ‘opportunity sharing’ and ‘at the top direct feedback to the leader’ are the key skills that your MRA Executive Team Coach will bring to the room. You can expect an honest, ego-free feedback experience of the highest standard that both champions and challenges the function of the team.

Phase 4: ‘Accelerating Principles’ Team Coaching

Bringing together the full picture of insights gained during Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3, the true Team Coaching experience begins. Every team will experience a bespoke, co- created comprehensive design to their coaching intervention, with impact guaranteed.

At MRA when we commit to the success of our clients, we really commit. So, we also revisit and review the team’s progress at a 3 and 6 month point, following the core team coaching days. And, if required support the team leader in developing their team coaching skills to keep the momentum going. This is partnership at it’s very best

We look forward to working with you, your team, and your organisation, always with your system in mind.



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