Executive Transitions Coaching Programme

Executive Transitions Coaching Programme

Our premier coaching programme designed to fast-track executives in transition.

Your journey

Global data tells us that, on average, 40% of executives transitioning into new roles fail within the first 18 months. This won’t be you! Drawing from industry best practice, executive search specialists, and C-suite insights, this intensive Executive Transitions Coaching Programme is built to balance the fundamentals of strategic imperatives and stakeholder leadership with the need to attend to personal, psychological and identity transitioning. With comprehensive support and challenge for a 30-week period, enhanced self-awareness through the latest C-Suite leadership psychometrics, and with the full engagement of the most influential roles to set you up for success, clients will attend to the greatest challenges they face with confidence and self-assurance. The programme provides you with a trusted partner for the full duration of your Executive transition, a safe and confidential space, with activity precisely timed at critical stages for the greatest impact.

With the very latest research from Harvard Business Review clearly stating that ‘ethics and (psychological) safety’; ‘self-organising’ (empowerment and trust); ‘efficient learning’ (flexibility to change opinions); ‘nurtures growth’ (commitment to development); and ‘connection and belonging’ are the leading indicators globally for successful and effective leadership competency, you can be assured that this programme will prepare you for everything you need to know to attain this profile of excellence.


What you can expect

You can expect to receive world class coaching from Executive Coaches who have the unique combination of industry experience, exceptionally high Coaching credentials, and a passion for creating trusted partnerships with their clients.

Each Executive Transitions Coaching Programme is structured in a way that ensures all of the critical enablers are met, and yet is also flexible enough to ensure it works in practice, supporting the transition experience at the exact point of need. Client-led every time.

Session Details

Prior alignment and engagement

A comprehensive chemistry call between the client and the selected coach will take place, and a robust review of expectations and appropriate contracting will ensure the relationship is set up for success from the outset. A suite of Leadership Psychometrics will then be issued to give a detailed understanding of your personality traits, derailer risks, and organisational alignment of values and motives.

Further calls will also be held with both the HR Director - to ensure the programme fully aligns to all pre-boarding and on-boarding standardised activity, and that all legal and administrative compliance learning is scheduled - and the Sponsoring Line Manager - to align with their expectations of a successful transitioning experience, their initial view of success measures, and to set them up thoroughly for their coaching leadership role.

Transitioning with confidence

A full triad coaching experience is undertaken by the coach, yourself as the client and your sponsor, to explicitly contract around the agreed success measures for the role and the transitioning period. Knowledge transfer from the incumbent in role will be confirmed in addition to scheduling a full brief from the HR Director on the inherited team. If you are transitioning into the organisation for the first time, a full cultural familiarisation will also be confirmed as an integral part of the journey. In addition, you will receive a full debrief of your Leadership Psychometrics to ensure the maximum levels of self-awareness from the very start of your Professional Coaching partnership.

Psychological transitions, and the power of interdependence

A purposeful blend of coaching techniques will be used to support the identity shifts required, personally and professionally, to ensure your success. A conscious understanding and recognition of the impact and intensity of change on your whole life, and the psychology of your own leadership, will be explored to maximum effect. The theme of interdependence and critical stakeholder engagement will be brought to life through systemic coaching practices to ensure there is one clear vision that everyone is 100% committed to achieving together. ‘Purposeful visibility’ and corporate diplomacy will be confirmed with support from internal and external communications teams, and if helpful ‘Powerful leadership presence’ training will be engaged ahead of day 1 in role.

Purpose, presence and authentic leadership

Creating clarity of your purpose as a leader is critical to engaging others on your journey. A deep understanding of your values and authentic leadership preferences will contribute to defining your ‘personal purpose statement’. Envisioning your impactful first day in the role (a combination of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours), with consideration of your first 30, 60, 90 days, and building innate confidence with only hours to go, will calm the potential for nerves to kick-in and instead bring confidence, energy and conviction to life! In addition, a thorough assessment of your mental and physical resilience and wellbeing will be undertaken with an effective action plan devised. Dietitian engagement will be considered if helpful at this point.

‘The full picture’ diagnosis and strategic imperatives

A comprehensive review of your first days and weeks in role, and your 3-week strategic imperatives project supported by effective MI data and appropriate governance input, will take place at Coaching Session 4 three weeks into your new role going live. Exploring what you have learned about yourself, your transition and the organisation into which you have moved, will bring insights that will guide you during the ongoing integration experience. The set-up for your ‘fit for the future’ leadership review will also begin.

‘Fit for the future’ leadership review

A complete competency and behavioural review of your Leadership Team will take place including transparent insight into the performance, potential, and ‘fit for the future’ nature of the organisation structure and those in role (additional costs are incurred for Leadership and Team Psychometrics to be prepared at this point). This experience is designed to ensure you have in place the Leadership Team you require to maximise the results you gain from your defined strategy. Assessment of your own Leadership Coaching skill-set will unlock your self-awareness and understanding of the positive, cultural benefits of adopting this effective approach to driving performance through a fully engaged and purposeful workforce.

Impact analysis

Your EQ360 Leadership feedback report will be transparently shared with you, unlocking the impact you have had in role over the first 9 weeks of your tenure. Drawing on robust feedback measures aligned to emotionally intelligent leadership, you will receive feedback from 50 of your key stakeholders, including your sponsor, your full Leadership Team and both internal and externally identified critical relationships. Creating a plan for even greater impact over the months ahead will be defined with your Executive Coach, ensuring you are set up for a successful probationary period sign-off.

Transitioned with confidence review

Coaching Session 7 is a culmination and a high point in your transition experience. You will benefit from the focused attention of your sponsor and Executive Coach, both fully committed to your personal and professional success. You will guide them through your Executive Transition Coaching journey, your greatest insights, critical highs (and lows), and tell them a story of your successful integration and impact to date. An energising, honest ‘Adult-Adult’ coaching dialogue.

On-track strategic imperatives

Your final Executive Transition Coaching session is aimed at setting you up for ‘life after coaching’ with a clear, robust yet stretching, set of personal and strategic imperatives for the following 6, 12 and 24 months. Celebrating your commitment and partnership with your Executive Coach will be a moment to remember; sharing gratitude with one another for the quality of your relationship and the positive impact you have had on each other’s lives. A full and ethical programme closure will end your experience.

“Research conducted has proven that the risk of executive transition failure can be reduced by 50 percent, and the time for the newly on-boarded executive to break even by another 50 percent. These are substantial gains”
(Nazemian, N 2021)


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