Team Resilience and Wellbeing Coaching Programme

A unique approach to building highly resilient teams, delivered both virtually or face to face

Specialising in virtual and face to face learning, combined with expertise in Resilience, Diet, Nutrition and Mindfulness, our team of Executive Coaches will lead your team through a programme of adult learning, with immediate impact. Designed to suit your specific organisation and team requirements, every programme we run is bespoke, and we will work in partnership with you to achieve the best possible design and offer for your teams. Our ambition is to support you and your teams with a robust Professional Coaching experience to guide you through how best to manage stress, maintain wellbeing, and build confidence and resilience.

Your Journey

We will take you on a journey on 6 x 90 minute workshops that begins with a facilitated adult-adult, high support/high challenge team coaching conversation that recognises your team’s personal and professional resilience requirements in support of their mental and physical wellness. Individual levels of resilience will be measured at the start using our unique ‘Wheel of Resilience’ diagnostic tool and these will then be used to measure achievements and growth in resilience at the end of the programme. This exceptional blend of Executive Coaching, combined with input from our Dietitian and a 30 day Mindfulness challenge to aid mental health, will leave everyone feeling more resilient and able to cope and adapt to the pressures they face; giving more energy, focus, confidence and mental toughness.

What you can expect

You can expect to receive world class coaching from our Post Graduate qualified coaches, all of whom are MBTI and EQi-2.0/360 qualified.

Be prepared for some serious insights into your team’s resilience, and expect to actively involve everyone in the habits and changes required to increase their resilience and mental toughness.

Session Details

Wheel of Resilience

Session 1 (90 minutes) is designed to set the scene for your team’s experience. Your Executive Coaches will take you through a full contracting conversation to ensure there is a shared clarity on expectations and outcomes for the full programme. We will get clear on exactly what ‘resilience’ is, why it is a learned skill, and the core elements that make up resilient teams and leaders. You will complete your ‘Wheel of Resilience’ diagnostic tool which aims to raise self-awareness and resilience-awareness amongst everyone involved in the programme. Coaching Session 1 also explores the theory of behaviour change ahead of individuals making commitments to themselves and the team.


Session 2 (90 minutes) reconnects delegates with the importance of self-awareness on building resilience. We will share with you the results of your psychological ‘stress’ profiling and explore the impact your preferences have on your innate confidence, anxiety and stress levels. Everyone will undertake a Personal Values exercise to help make the connection between wellbeing and values being met. This is a deeply insightful session, requiring focus and thought from everyone involved.

Physical wellness (Dietician support)

Session 3 (90 minues) will be spent with our expert Dietitian who will provide a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between our gut and brain health (gut-brain axis), as well as suggesting the dietary changes that are necessary for everyone to improve their mental wellbeing. The role of nutrition in mental wellness is critical; your energy, mood and brain function can all be affected when your diet is lacking in nutrient rich foods. Certain vitamins, minerals, essential fats and the health of your gut bacteria can all affect how well you manage stress and how happy you feel overall.

Mental wellness (30-day Mindfulness challenge)

Session 4 (90 minutes) is focused on exploring and learning how best to create new thinking habits for the team and how to ‘re-wire’ your brains to create a more ‘mindful mind’, resulting in greater attention, focus and clarity. This session will be a combination of knowledge sharing and coaching with your Executive Coaches. Depending on your requirements you will explore some of the following areas.

  • Neuroscience of stress – cortisol / adrenaline
  • Maladaptive Stress Response, biopsychosocial model – how this links to Nutrition session and the gut-brain axis
  • Locus of control theory
  • How your emotional needs are being met

You will be asked to complete a 30-day Mindfulness Challenge; there is a large body of research demonstrating the benefits of this. Daniel Goleman, a thought leader on mindfulness talks about “paying attention to your attention”. Learning to stabilise your attention through the practice of mindfulness can bring more clarity, focus, depth, detail and concentration.

Thriving and the power of positive psychology

Session 5 (90 minutes) brings to life a positive psychology experience where you will explore the learnings from your past and how to bring them into your better future. You will all review your Mindfulness Challenge and explore how you can continue to embed this into your lives, creating a habit for life long mental wellbeing. Your Executive Coaches will also take you through some coaching models to help bring to life the theory behind growth mindset and how to set intrinsic meaningful goals for both individuals and your team. By setting intrinsic goals you are more likely to persist in achieving them, and the result of this is a life based on ‘thriving’. You will have an opportunity to create your absolute peak experiences and through visualisation we will help you understand how you can make this a reality more of the time. At the end of this session you will have a fantastic tool box to dig deep into when needed, and a shared language of positive psychology, serving your long-term team wellness, confidence and resilience.

Meaningful relationships

Session 6 (90 minutes) will provide you all with the opportunity to explore your personal and professional support networks, and you will clearly identify the necessary relationships you need to thrive in the months ahead. You will be guided through the theory of Transactional Analysis, which looks at how we operate in different relationships and where this can help or hinder you. By understanding who to openly share your vulnerability with, who gives you energy and who drains you of it, you will build an individual and collective stakeholder map of more meaningful relationships, which are a vital principle for staying resilient.

Finally you will review your progress as individuals and as a team, celebrating your increased knowledge of resilience, and making firm commitments on how to make these changes sustainable and embedded for the long term.


Teams (virtual and face to face) who are looking to increase their levels of resilience and make firm commitments to behaviour change
Every delegate will rate their levels of resilience at the start and end of the programme to enable full and transparent data on the growth of resilience across the team
We encourage active participation and role-modelling from line managers and sponsors. Attendance at every session is critical
Many organisations choose to extend the programme to include developing Resilient Leadership skills, enabling extra time to focus on the skills required for leaders to develop their own teams following this experience

Our Executive Coach pledge to you

“Our Professional Coaches can personally endorse this programme as they have completed the Wheel of Resilience, had their consultation with the Dietitian and made sustainable changes to their nutritional intake. They have also completed the mindfulness challenge and maintain regular practice. As a result, they consistently report an increase in their overall levels of resilience, mental and physical energy levels, clarity of thought and ability to manage stress better.”
Matthew Radley


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