Executive Leadership Confidence Coaching Programme

Our premier coaching programme designed for leaders at senior and executive levels.

If you are looking for growth in the critical areas of self-awareness, self-acceptance, personal confidence, and Executive Leadership confidence, then look no further, we always see positive results across these indicators, and so will you!

Your Journey

We will take you on a journey that begins with a facilitated adult-adult, high support/high challenge coaching conversation that recognises your successes and your growth opportunities. “Success measures” will be agreed to enable all parties to measure the return on expectation during and at the end of the programme. Through a blend of psychological profiling; 360 degree emotional intelligence feedback from 50 of your stakeholders; self-awareness values and strengths experiences and plenty of action planning and reflection, you will experience a coaching programme that is unique in the market – it is built around, and for, you as a unique individual to transition you to being an outstanding leader!

What you can expect

You can expect to receive world class coaching from our Post Graduate qualified coaches, all of whom are MBTI and EQi-2.0/360 qualified.

The programme is designed to ensure that it fits with your own organisation’s values, behaviours, and goals in mind – it will feel like it was designed just for you.

Session Details

Heightened self awareness

Coaching Session 1 (2.5 hours) is designed to set the scene for your experience. Through a robust one-hour adult/adult conversation with your line manager and Executive Coach you will design your own “success measures” (goals) which will become the focus of your coaching, alongside the self-awareness experiences prepared for you. When your line manager leaves, your Executive Coach will take you through a full contracting conversation to ensure there is a shared clarity on expectations and learning/coaching preferences. Then you will experience the benefits of psychological profiling, and the impact your preferences have on your innate confidence (and anxiety) levels. Coaching Session 1 comes together in a full life coaching experience – the most powerful and impactful conversation you are ever likely to have!

Values driven leadership and its cultural impact

Coaching Session 2 (2 hours) begins with a conversation focused on your responses to a series of ‘review and reflection questions’, before investing a significant amount of time and energy in truly understanding your critical personal life values. You will explore how these values help and hinder your experiences in life, relationships, leadership and your organisational context. We will learn how your leadership behaviours and the resulting culture you create, if not conscious, are one dimensional – so consciousness is the key here. Then you will benefit from a ‘transactional analysis mindset’ dialogue with your Executive Coach, before wrapping up with a leadership profile to take away and reflect on it’s strengths and watch-outs.

‘Perception is reality’ 360 degree feedback

Coaching Session 3 (2 hours) is focused on how the world around you experiences you in relation to emotional intelligence. Your Executive Coach will guide you through a model called ‘Cultures of Confidence’, helping you to recognise any low confidence drivers, and more importantly the techniques to increase your Executive Leadership Confidence. You will then hear from 50 of your stakeholders (yes 50!), and have the opportunity to learn more about benefits and challenges of having high and low emotional intelligence scores and patterns, as well as addressing any limiting beliefs.

Positive psychology – strength focus

Coaching Session 4 (2 hours) brings to life a positive psychology experience where you will explore the learnings from your past and how to bring them into your high-performing future. By analysing your strengths in terms of energy (rather than capability) you will leave with a plan to let go of learned behaviours, and replace them with the activities that really make the difference and that you are truly famous for! If you don’t smile at Coaching Session 4, we have a problem! Towards the end of the session you will pull together all of the insights you have created over the past 4 sessions, and pull them together into your ‘green circle of Executive Leadership Confidence’ – you at your best, most energised and most confident leadership self.

‘Return on expectation’ 3-way coaching

Coaching Session 5 (2 hours) is a culmination and a high point in your experience. You will benefit from the focused attention of your line manager and Executive Coach, both fully committed to your personal and professional success. You will guide them through your Executive Coaching journey, your greatest insights, critical highs (and lows), and tell them a story of the most confident version of yourself. Your line manager will coach you and look for opportunities to build on your experiences, open doors, and create opportunities to further embed your Executive Coaching experience for the long-term. An energising and honest career coaching dialogue will then take place, looking at both the long and short term plans for you – what are your plans, what relationships will you need to succeed? What behaviours will you need to display? What more do you need to know to ensure you are in a ‘no risk’ position, and you’re top of the list for the selection process?

A future foundation built on confidence

Having completed your own analysis of your Executive Coaching experience and written a summary testimonial to support your journey, Coaching Session 6 will be led by you. You will have the space to maximise the time you have left with your Executive Coach by focusing on your current biggest challenge, ensuring you leave your journey confident and fully set for success. You have the opportunity to explore your personal support network, and you will have clearly identified the necessary relationships you need to thrive in the weeks and months ahead. Before you formally close your coaching relationship, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your journey, where you have come from and where you are now, and measure your growth in 4 key areas: self-awareness, self-acceptance, personal confidence, and ultimately your Executive Leadership confidence. And we always, always see growth across these indicators!


Your senior and executive level leaders
“Success measures” will be agreed at the start of the experience to enable all parties to measure the return on expectation during and at the end of the programme
VERY! They play a critical role in the success of coaching programmes. The Executive Coach and the client create the ‘insight’ during each session, and the line manager helps to turn the ‘insight into action’ through regular follow-up meetings. They also join Coaching Session 1 for an hour , and Coaching Session 5 for two hours, so commitment levels are high, and immensely valuable.
All programmes are bespoke as the “success measures” are aligned to your organisation strategic goals, values and behaviours. Having the Executive Leadership Confidence Coaching Programme professionally branded for your organisation is often requested and easily achieved.

What the Clients say

“Trust me, investing in this type of high-level programme for Executives is always a concern – will it deliver? Will they buy into it? Having been on the receiving end myself of Matthew Radley’s Executive Leadership Confidence Coaching Programme, I can honestly tell you that these concerns will not play out. I have had it branded for our organisation, and invested so that my whole team of Regional Directors have benefitted from it. The testimonials from my team are all I need to know that the investment was worth every penny – it has paid back dividends that are still showing up in their leadership months later. Just trust me!”
Hilary McGrady, Director General, National Trust


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