Team Confidence and Performance Coaching Programme

At Matthew Radley & Associates we believe passionately in the development of high performing and confident teams. And we believe we have the solution for you…

What makes us unique is that all of our Team Confidence and Performance Coaching Programmes start with a focus on the individuals within the team, before we go on to look at the function of the team itself.

Our approach

Our personalised approach means that each team coaching programme is unique – bespoke to your needs at the time of engagement. Our high support/high challenge coaching approach will lead the team to a level of understanding and learning that may not always feel comfortable, but is always impactful….

We believe there are six key ingredients to high performing teams:



We call these our ‘Accelerating Principles’.

An initial diagnostic exercise with you, the team and key stakeholders will ensure we design the programme to address your current team, organisational and industry-specific challenges.

The key concept of ‘trust’ is a thread that we return to constantly - working with the team to build a high level of trust both between its members and also as a trusted team to the wider organisation and key stakeholders.

We use observations of the team working in its organisational setting to give you feedback on behaviours, culture and impact. Accountability and positive change are key to the work we do, so you can be assured that each coaching intervention will culminate in a clear action plan for you and the team to put in place, ensuring sustainability and accountability beyond the life of the programme.

Designed for your needs

As Professional Coaches we are skilled and accredited in using a variety of team coaching methods, and every Team Confidence and Performance Coaching Programme is designed specifically with you and your unique team in mind – nothing comes off the shelf!

Feedback on culture, confidence and performance from your whole team plus identified stakeholders at the outset ensures your programme is designed for maximum impact on your specific challenges.

Constant evaluation and review throughout the programme using feedback, organisational data and evidence from observations means we can work in an emergent way to maximise learning and impact.

Having supported teams internationally and across many sectors using this approach we know it works. We understand the concerns of leaders around developing and maintaining a high performing team, and we work in partnership to address these early on. Working together we create a solution for you that is both powerful and sustainable.



Session Details

What is the culture of the team? What are its strengths? What are its weaknesses? What are its key challenges? How do members work together to ensure success? All these questions and more will be asked of you, your team and key stakeholders through one-to-one, confidential interviews and the results used to inform a comprehensive ‘Insights’ report prior to the design of the Senior Team Coaching Programme. Your coach will then work with you to put together a programme for maximum impact and positive change.

How well can you articulate the ambition of your team? What behaviours do the team need to role-model to achieve this ambition? Focusing on defining an ambition for the team that goes beyond a vision or mission statement, this principle works on team values, behaviours and communication of ambition to the wider organisation and external stakeholders. If you are collectively clear on your ‘what’ and ‘why’ then the ‘how’ becomes a real team effort that enhances accountability and effective prioritisation. This work will enable you to clearly articulate your team ambition and associated expected behaviours to the wider organisation and key stakeholders.

As a team what strengths do you have? How do you use them? What do you need to develop further? This principle focuses on raising the self-awareness of individuals and how their behaviour impacts on the team and culture. Your coach will help you to identify individual and team preferences and strengths, looking at how they can be used for greater impact and what development areas need to be worked on. This principle works on individual and team confidence, with a clear action plan at the end to address any gaps in team ability or energy.

What is the level of trust within the team? Who holds the power? How much is the team as a whole trusted by others? What is the influence of the team and how can this be extended? The key foundation to any high performing team is trust. This means that the team and its members are credible, reliable and not afraid to show their vulnerabilities. Your coach will explore this with you using techniques designed to work with the emotions that can often come from exploring trust and influence. Working on this will give you a recognition of levels of trust within the team and a clear understanding of how trust and influence can be built to improve both personal and team performance.

What is the ratio of support and challenge within the team? How regularly do team members give each other feedback? How committed are members to the success of others and the team as a whole? What commitment is there to well-being within the team? How much time is spent listening and learning as opposed to talking and doing? Your coach will help you to explore mindset and leadership styles, working with you to determine how these shape the culture of the team and the wider organisation. At the end of this principle you will have given and received feedback that is equal in support and challenge, leaving the team and each member in it with a clear idea of how they can have even more of an effective impact.

How does the team react to change? How does the team behave when under pressure? Does the team spend an appropriate amount of time on priorities that only this team can do? What is the appetite for risk? How does the team review its performance? How does the team learn from its experiences? The principle focuses on performance and results by looking at what creates a culture of high performance, always bringing it back to the ambition of the team. Exploring resilience, risk-taking and prioritisation this input will give you the confidence to tackle even your most challenging priorities.

How ready are you, as the leader of the team, to fully engage in this Team Coaching process? How clear are you on your role: from contracting through to conclusion? How ready are you to fully listen to and accept the feedback about the effectiveness of the team, and your leadership of them? What skills and behaviours will be helpful for you to consider developing as you enter into the Team Coaching experience? This principle is a focused 1:1 Executive Coaching Programme to support the Leader throughout the Team Coaching journey to ensure they maximise the impact of their role within the programme, and to give them the confidence to bring their own unique high support/high challenge Coaching Leadership style into every session!


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