Building a globally resilient leadership workforce with Costa


Building a globally resilient leadership workforce with Costa

Consider this challenge – you lead a globally placed and globally resourced, highly ambitious, growth focused organisation. You believe in the brand, its purpose, and its people. You know that the only way is up, and you know it’s a big ask of everyone. And you also know that resilience, wellbeing and mental health are top of everyone’s agenda. So where do you start?

The choice is yours. Let’s see what Costa chose to do…a gold standard in choices from our perspective.

You make choices that show a true belief in your employer brand and company values, and you engage your workforce in a comprehensive suite of learning and change programmes that lead with Resilience and Wellbeing. Putting it as number one makes a clear statement to everyone that you believe in them as people first.  

The 2021 Linkedin Workplace Learning Report, spanning 27 countries and with input from over 5000 professionals, reported that the number 1 ‘power skill’ globally is Resilience.

Creating human capacity to thrive in circumstances where the majority of the world is only just managing to survive is where Costa chose to place their focus. If they were going to ask a lot of their people in order to reach its growth ambitions, they had to invest in creating a globally resilient leadership workforce to sustain it. And that’s exactly what they did in partnership with MRA.

Costa Coffee - Resilience and Wellbeing Coaching Programme

All 145 of the Costa Leadership Group globally, with active engagement and sponsorship from the CEO, undertook the MRA Team Resilience and Wellbeing Programme. Everyone. No exceptions.

Developing core skills through a deep understanding of individual self-analysis and collective group-analysis; understanding the ripple effect of their resilient leadership on their teams across the world; and creating the space and time for everyone to breath, to invest in themselves, and to co-create a conversation that would benefit the wider Costa workforce.

An incredible approach, with investment and commitment from the very top.

And the focus? The programme focused on 5 key areas of Resilience and Wellbeing using the MRA diagnostic, with detailed training on the following: Self-Awareness, Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness, Thriving, and Meaningful Relationships:

Developing the Costa Leadership Group (CLG) to consciously lead for Resilience and Wellbeing is itself a signal that driving for significant growth, supported by a human-centric package of robust learning and a deep understanding of self, can and should be the future within which commercial organisations reach their ambitious goals…..with a conscience.

The conscience that comes from the powerful voice of younger generations will eventually run through the veins of every organisation, helping to drive awareness of the environment, DE&I, and wellbeing. Thank you to them for holding us all to account.

Congratulations to team Costa for being at the leading edge of the wellbeing revolution!


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