Neuro Inclusive Coaching Practice


Neuro Inclusive Coaching Practice

At MRA our Professional Executive Coaches celebrate difference and champion everyone's unique strengths, every day. Our holistic approach is wholeheartedly inclusive and person-centered.

In our experience education and understanding around neurodivergence is often low in many organisations, leading to many individuals with neurodivergent conditions being unable to thrive in the workplace. The term neurodivergence is often related only to Autism, however in reality it covers many more conditions including, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, Dyspraxia and Development Learning Disorders.

For many, they are all too aware of what they 'can't' do primarily through the stigma and the labels associated with their differences, which are often misunderstood and viewed negatively.

Coaching everyone to 'work at their best and thrive' is a fundamental outcome of great coaching.

Having qualified as Level 3 practitioners in Neuro Inclusive Practice, at MRA we understand the strengths and challenges individuals with neurodivergent conditions may face, and that there is also often an overlap between these conditions.

In the table below are some examples of traits that are associated with neurodivergent conditions. Not everyone will experience all traits, which is why a person-centred approach is vital.


Dyslexia Creative thinking. Problem solving. Innovative thinking. Good communicators. Practical/hands on. Entrepreneurial flair. Determination. Reading/writing/spelling & grammar. Structured written communication. Organisation. Short term & working memory. Time/ time management.
Dyspraxia Good leadership skills in listening, empathy, delegation & communication. Excellent problem solving skills Gross & fine motor control. Managing pitch/tone/volume of voice. Hyper-sensitivity. Organisation.
ADHD Creativity. Resilience. Hyper focus. Spontaneity. Energy. Big picture. Comfortable with change. Adventurous. Fidgets, trouble sitting still and being quiet. Interrupts. Easily distracted. Organising tasks. Sustaining attention
Dyscalculia Creativity. Strategic thinking. Practical problem solving. Appreciation of language. Intuitive thinking. Numeracy challenges such as; number additions, substitutions, transpositions and recalling numbers
Autism Long term memory. Direct communication. Honesty. Punctual. Detail oriented. Visual thinking. Social phobia. Rumination & anxiety. OCD. Rigid routine. Resistant to change. Stimming (repetitive or unusual body movements or noises)

If you are neurodivergent please tell your coach during the chemistry session to ensure we understand your processing differences and traits. This will ensure we can coach you using your unique strengths as well as being mindful of ways in which we can adjust the coaching to best suit your needs.

If you suspect you might be differently-abled or we observe neurodivergent traits during our sessions, we are able to support you in accessing professional screening and diagnostic specialists.

In addition to this, we at MRA we are committed to ensuring our programs continue to be inclusive. Some of the things you can expect to see from us are;

  • Universal Design principles applied to all our materials across our range of programmes so that they can be accessed, understood and used optimally by all
  • Multi-sensory approaches to learning such as broader use of audio and video as an alternative to email communication
  • Ongoing review of the portfolio of psychometric tools we use with clients to explore their relevance to individuals with neurodivergent conditions and to ensure that we optimise how results are presented back to clients
  • Incorporating neuro-inclusive thinking into our approach to chemistry calls and being more overt in our contracting with clients around neuro-divergence

We are committed to growing, learning and evolving our Neuro-inclusive practices to continue to ensure we provide the very best that professional coaching has to offer.


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