Transformation team-led team coaching


Transformation team-led team coaching

Team development…

Team building…

Team facilitation…

And now Team Coaching…

In this new and ever-increasing virtual world of work how do you ensure your teams are working to their full potential and maximising outcomes? Do your teams still feel connected to one another? Are they leveraging the individual strengths of everyone and are they fully aware of the value their colleagues bring?

Now more than ever, organisations are turning to Team Coaching to ensure they are unlocking their teams’ true potential by creating a deeper sense of connection. As a result of effective Team Coaching, teams feel braver and more confident to grow and innovate like never before. When teams know they are operating in a psychologically safe environment they can easily pivot their direction as the world changes with such dramatic pace; to lead diverse and geographically remote teams; and to communicate with one voice.

It is no wonder that Team Coaching is exponentially growing in popularity, with many organisations seeing it as essential to business survival and growth.

Team Coaching is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it is business critical.

What is ‘Team Coaching’?

Here at MRA we describe Team Coaching as ‘creating the platform for team effectiveness’. The approach consists of a series of interventions that enable the team to build collective self-awareness around their behaviours, processes and ability to influence and change direction - this leads to decisions on improved ways of working both within the team and within the wider system. A truly shared learning experience means the team will grow together. Unlike facilitation the team is always in the driving seat, and they ‘own’ their experience. The coach or coaches act as awareness catalysts; it is for the team to decide what they then do with that awareness to ensure sustained high performance.

How do we approach Team Coaching at MRA?

Firstly, there is no off-the shelf package. Each Team Coaching programme starts with a robust diagnostic exercise where all team members and key sponsors are invited to give their feedback on the team’s effectiveness in order to shape the programme. It is then the job of the team coach(es) to create a safe container in order for the team to learn, experiment, make choices and evaluate their impact. The coaches are in it with the team, so that they can give robust feedback on what they are seeing, feeling and thinking. They will role model the helpful behaviours individuals need in order to be true team players, always with the effectiveness of the team at the very heart of their work.

Our extensive work with teams has led us to create our own model for high performing teams, using our knowledge, experience and the latest academic thinking. Our six Accelerating Principles look at team behaviours and attributes that are fundamental in creating an environment where teams thrive. Team Coaching looks at the effectiveness of the whole team, and the effectiveness of individuals within that team as team players rather than individual leaders. It is concerned with the team as a whole within the systems that it operates.

Team Confidence and Performance Coaching Programme

Teams who work with us benefit from our coaching approach of high support and equally high challenge. They experience us as we go the extra mile to create an environment where increased team awareness leads to better decisions, better working relationships, better resilience and ultimately better results.

Team Coaching can’t lead a team to success. Success rests solely with the team themselves. What Team Coaching does do is raise awareness as to what success is, what behaviours will lead to success, through working to create a psychologically safe container for a team to embed sustained effectiveness.

We truly partner our clients in the Team Coaching space, working with them over a period of time to continually challenge their thinking, raise their awareness, support them to grow and adapt to current and future goals - until these conversations and ways of working are second nature to the team. We work with the team to identify how they review their progress, how they measure the culture they create and how they can stay at the very forefront of their game.

Are your team ready to step in this space? We are ready when you are.


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